Stop losing time and sanity

Get organized with a custom workspace and streamlined processes,
and focus on the work that really matters

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Stay on target

Struggling with keeping sight of your priorities?

With an integrated workspace you can break down your long-term objectives into focused projects and individual tasks. This way, everyone knows exactly what to work on next, and how it contributes to the overall strategy.

Experience the clarity of having a clear roadmap to success.

Streamline processes

Frustrated by messy processes?

With tailor-made templates, automations and dashboards, your workflow will become efficient and easy to follow, reducing the need for constant messaging and making sure everyone understands the process.

Your team will work independently and confidently, leading to a smooth and focused performance.

Leverage your knowledge

Spending too much time finding and accessing the information scattered across many tools and folders?

With your wikis and resources living in the same workspace as your projects and other business systems, all that information is brought to your fingertips, instantly available exactly when you need it.

With this level of integration, you'll be able to use and compound your knowledge base to its fullest, giving your people what they need to do their best work.

What you can expect

  • A free discovery call to find out your main pain points and decide whether we move on with the design.
  • A project briefing for diving deep into the backend of your business. We will explore your needs, goals, ways of working and tools ecosystem.
  • Based on the briefing I will send you an invoice for 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion, with breakdown of the main tasks. At this point, we'll also take care of any NDA's, document and tool access, and any other necessary administrative tasks
  • After an agreed upon time, I will deliver a prototype of your new workspace and explain how to implement it.
  • An iterative cycle of feedback and redesign, until you are sure that the workspace is the perfect solution for you.
  • Handover and onboarding – I will explain how the workspace is set up and train your staff to feel confident using it.

About me

I've always been interested in skills and systems that can help me learn better and be more organized and productive (what I collectively call personal metawork). Throughout my work as a product manager, learning designer, and most recently a metawork coach, I've been using Notion as the primary tool for organizing tasks, notes, resources, and everything else.

Now, I'm using all that expertise to help you run your business better with integrated and tailor-made Notion workspaces. And though I am a certified power-user, I'm still building my portfolio and client base as a Notion designer. That's why I can offer the best prices and unparalleled customer service, and guarantee your absolute satisfaction with your Notion workspace.

Apart from that, I'm also interested in the future of how organizing colllaboration more broadly, both from the practical and philosophical point of view. To me, this future lies with self-management and communal cultivation of wisdom, and especially with organizations that embrace both.

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